23 August 2015



Not sure I'll get the next page(s) up in time for next week, because I just decided to add two pages to this scene to do it justice. But most of the pages after that are ready to post, so if things go as I hope, I can up the pace from next post on. Exciting!

15 August 2015


There's so much going here that I don't want to explain... I've carried this page in my mind for years now!

08 August 2015


Oh great, she can trail him by scent! Which is based on a actual Jinn lore, by the way – scent plays a large role for their kind.
That row of trees is authentic, as is the garage with the door bent in... When I'm done and put all this together in an ebook you'll be able to see the pics ;) The written-on metal panels at the bottom, are from real life as well, and I lifted the writing straight from the photo, because it tickled me. It says: "No parking" - "WHY??"
There's even an additional comment in Armenian which you can see in this close-up. Can anyone translate this for me? (Hoping it's nothing rude!)

24 May 2015


I have to say, the sequence that begins here had me confounded till the last minute, until I just started browsing my photos of Beirut for things Adrian could possibly use to slow Nryz down... Just as a reminder, the streets are empty and the fruit cart is abandoned because this is happening in the area that's been evacuated.

17 May 2015

26 April 2015


Somewhere beyond the Dream Plane and probably as far as you can go before all form is completely lost... We've caught glimpses of this place before (hint: part 3). Wish more of the comic was set there ;)