24 January 2015



 If you wonder where we heard these names before, you may want to read the "past" bits in volume 4 again! Mythology buffs will have already made the link...

07 January 2015


Malaak marathon results: I have managed to pencil and ink the entirety of volume 6! All I need to do now is colour, which requires less focus so it'll be easier for me to do alongside work, and to finish the whole saga this very year.

01 January 2015



And a big reveal to begin the year! Happy new year everyone!

21 December 2014

The holiday break Malaak marathon

Merry Christmas Malaak readers!
I decided some time ago that I was going to take advantage of the holidays to catch up on the comic. I'm not flying home this year, but am still going to rest from my all-consuming art practice and take advantage of the season to have a Malaak marathon. That's about 12 days of single-minded comic-making. I don't know how much exactly I'll manage to finish, but here's keeping track of my progress:

Starting Dec. 21:
Pages to pencil: 35 1
Pages to ink: 37 22
Pages to colour: 37 33

Daily photos on Instagram to prove I'm working.... And a happy New Year to all!

30 July 2014



I know, I can't believe she's still in that hospital bed...
Here's a fun fact; in the previous page, the building on the left is meant to be the hospital where she is (I used the facade of my bro's hospital, as a hat tip). That's a bit defeated by the fact there's no clue here at all to link the indoor scene with the outdoor one. That's what you get for writing in a discontinuous state!

Oh yes, pencils!


29 July 2014


Is it possible? Is it for real? Yes, yes, new pages!
I shouldn't let you get too excited though: I can't promise any regularity in posting. I managed to sneak in a couple of days of work on the comic because I'm just wrapping up a massively busy period before I go away a few days. Still, I have a few other pages nearly done after this one, and the story quite done and storyboarded throughout, so it's only a matter of drawing and colouring. Please go on being patient, and we'll get to the end of this!