25 December 2015



Crowd scenes are an illustrator's nightmare, obviously. I wish I'd had the time to make every person in there an individual, but alas. Also there are some perspective and scale issues, I know. Don't look too closely >_<
That said, I'm quite pleased with the overall look and feel of this page. I hid a couple of inside Leb jokes in there (hint: t-shirts) but have no idea if anyone outside my family circle will get them. Still, makes me chuckle...
Why is it raining on the parade, you may ask? I feel my countryfolk will instinctively have gotten this, although it may make no sense out West: as we have long humid summers during which not a drop of rain falls, the first rainfall in autumn comes as a relief and a blessing. This is after all a land where the mythological being named Death was the personification of summer heat, and the Thunderstorm was the great hero who defeated it (and then was defeated by it in turn, year after year – cf Mot and Baal).