04 December 2009

A tip in passing

Sometimes we get really stuck on laying out a sequence – I know I was for this final scene which was to take up 10 whole pages. I had no idea where to start. What got me out of the rut was to just sketch out, very basically, the action as I saw it in my head, without giving a thought to layout or camera angles. Basically what I'd see if I were on the set of a movie as opposed to watching it edited on a screen. This gave me something tangible to work with. First, I could see immediately what was redundant and what needed an extra step for clarification, what flowed and what didn't, what demanded an extreme angle or a big space on the page. Then I could dump those little scribbles on my Photoshop pages and work the layout from there.
My scribbled sequences look something like this (don't worry about spoilers, I very much doubt anyone but me can figure out what the heck is going on):