26 February 2010

Malaak 3: Dark Dreams – Launching soon!

Finally it's here! I'm thrilled with the printed book I received 2 days ago and I can't wait for the big day. In the meanwhile I'm drumming up a viral campaign to spread the word far and wide, and I could use your help! Here's the idea:

Starting from March 6, every 5 days, I'm going to send a single image to serve both as a tease and a reminder. That's 5 images total, the last being on the day of the event itself. All I'd like from you is that you forward that image to anyone who might be remotely interested. If you want to repost that image anywhere, blog it, tweet it, redistribute it in any other way that's fantastic and I give you full rights to do so, but even a simple forwarding would be awesome. The idea is to spread the word further than the media would reach, get people intrigued, and keep reminding people who might forget, but in an interesting and non-repetitive way.

If you're willing to help in this way please send me your email address (mana at cedarseed dot com). I'll be sending the images from an email I'm creating specifically for this purpose.

Thank you for your continued support!