25 March 2010

Malaak in NOW! Lebanon

Faster than a militiaman’s bullet…
Talking to Lebanese comic creator Joumana Medlej

Farrah Zughni, March 24, 2010

Comic books fans can count Beirut among legendary cities like Gotham and Metropolis – staging grounds for epic battles between good and evil – thanks to Malaak, a superhero comic series created by Joumana Medlej.

From Gemmayzeh’s glass café to the National Museum, Medlej features local spots throughout her work and reinterprets realities from the nation’s civil war, such as militia-ordained curfews, to have new significance in the protagonist’s struggle against jinn and other fearsome creatures. NOW Lebanon sits down with the 30-year-old artist, born and raised in Beirut, to talk about her influences and techniques prior to the launching of her third Malaak issue on March 26.

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