22 June 2010

IV 4-5 and Top WebComics

I did some promotional work for the comic this weekend, and among other things entered it in Top Web Comics, where people can vote on their favorite online comics to get them more exposure. The website allows comickers to upload "incentives", that is surprises that are revealed once you vote. Best of all, you don't need to register to vote! You can vote every day if you want to, but what I'll be doing is to include a reminder whenever I post a new page. The incentives are worth it (they are of various kinds, keeping them a surprise) and they're not getting posted anywhere else... Click here to vote today.

And now... Showtime!

(Language note: Ya ret the girls were there = Wish the girls were there)

This spread features my good friends from Bleak, while we wait for them to rock Beirut for real... I'll introduce them: Anton fronting, Tim on guitar, Rachel on bass, and Yvonne on the drums. You can listen to a demo of this song, and more of their stuff, on their Myspace or Facebook pages.
I had so missed Adrian and Tareq and their antics!

Speaking of bravado, I'm never doing something this crazy again =P I browsed photos of Beirut nightlife to get a feel of the crowd, what they'd do and wear, toning it down to PG... Some readers will recognize the venue as a basement shelter, though I meant to make it a lot more rundown and humid-looking – that'll be something for the correction stage.

Memo to me: Add the posters... I knew I was going to forget something :P Plus i'm an idiot and stuck a speech bubble right in the fold – will fix that later. And those guitars probably need to be plugged in somewhere... Anything else? Heh.

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Kirsty said...

Crowds are tricky at the best of times. But seen from above, and behind, with a strong directional lightsource (blurring nicely the further back you get)... I can see it's something you wouldn't want to do again in a hurry! Very effective.