15 June 2010

The Encyclopedia of Lebanese Comic Books is launching

Here's some happy news for the Lebanese comic scene: The Encyclopedia of Lebanese comics is finally out! And Malaak's in it! I don't have the book myself yet but I'll pick up my copy at the launch. I wish it were in English so it could be enjoyed by comic enthusiasts elsewhere (since, to be realistic, the number of Arabic speakers who appreciate comics is puny), but it's a milestone without a doubt and Henry Matthews has been working on it for years. Here's an interview of Matthews from 2008, while the work was in progress>


misskittyoooo said...

Wow, thats exciting!

wrayb said...

Here's an interesting work-in-progress interview with Matthews from 2008:

Joumana said...

Misskitty: Yes isn't it? :D

Ray: Ooh, I remember reading this back then! But I'd forgotten all about it – thanks for this, I'll add the link to the post.