13 July 2011

Launch of malaak IV

It was another lovely launch this weekend at my favorite venue (Café Younes, where much of the comic was made). Here are the highlights for those who couldn't make it!

First visitor of all, my crazy friend Sarah
Amin Younes gets the first crop!
Editorial cartoonist examining my sketches and Younes manager examining the sweets
The special touch: the best macarons in Beirut, fresh from Le Gustav!

Mr LeGustav and Miss RagMag ;)

The ever-present @merwada!
Newly-engaged @mallydobb spotted the creator of Toilet Genie among my guest artists
Hark! A deviant!
Happy extra (one volume late!)
A devoted supporter made her way to the launch on crutches...
Nina the Terrible, scarier in person than her alter ego Nryz
Long-time friend and colleague Lina G, and her mother

Young fans too absorbed to pose
Still absorbed!
Happy author
And last but not least, @mich1mich and @lemondedejimmy
And now the clock is ticking as I write enough of part V to start putting up pages...