03 September 2011


I took a lot of pleasure in making these two pages which take place in my favorite pâtisserie and feature some of my favorite people! And oh do I love drawing cakes!

I have a tip to share regarding these: indoors scenes are different from outdoor scenes in that artificial lighting gives a cast to the whole thing. To achieve this effect in Photoshop, all you need to do is fill a layer with the desired color and set it to the Color blending mode. Its opacity should be between 10 and 30% so that it's not perceptible, and you can tweak the cast using the Hue/Saturation palette till you get the feel you want. In the pages above I used a yellow layer on 20% opacity. Note that this technique can be used for any scene to pull together the whole color scheme; even a low opacity layer will make the color palette look more harmonious.

There may not be an update next week because London has not left me a lot of leisure to pencil new pages!

Sketch pages: