19 November 2011

Ebooks release for volume 1

Still on a roll regarding the revision of past issues of Malaak, I'm excited to announce today that volume 1 is now available as an e-book in both English and French. This may interest all Malaak readers, even if you already have the books, as the digital format allowed me to include as much unpublished extra contents as I wanted. For this volume this turned out to be 30 pages of bonus stuff! These consist in sketches galore, a selection of fan art, location photos with commentary (sample page below), "outtakes", and finally a schtick by Adrian and Tareq, to recur at the end of each volume with different dialogue ;)
I'm still hard at work on this, so the other volumes should follow. For now, this one can be purchased and immediately downloaded in English here or in French here.