25 December 2011


This is one page that was only added because I needed pages 18-19 to fall on the same spread, but it turned out to be a valuable addition – not only does it look good, it also addresses a number of things in passing (this is for you comickers struggling with conveying extra info without turning it into an exposition scene:) where the cannons seen from the outside are, why they're silent while Malaak and Amer are inside (they're not!), why they don't encounter them on their way up, and why they don't do anything about them. Oh and the fact that some time has passed since we last saw them, during which they wandered into several dead ends "offscreen". All in 4 panels, with the next 2 preparing the next page...

Creepy cliffhanger notwithstanding, happy Christmas!

As a bonus today, this lovely fan art by Ally Rom Colthoff (aka Varethane), author of the webcomic Chirault which you may want to check out!