24 June 2012


What's, I won't say funny but interesting here, is that I've had this moment of the story marked down in my script as being the moment "Amer finally breaks a sweat" (he's been playing it way too cool so far) – but what was not scripted, was that in the meanwhile, my real-life friend who's the prototype for the character was hit and badly cut by a flying object. He jokingly suggested I integrate the scar into the story, not knowing I already had the right scene for that coming up. Hope I didn't cause the collision! (remember when Malaak first got hurt in volume 2, and I broke my finger just then? yeah *spooky music*)

By the way, check out my updated Order page as it has a few cool items in addition to the books, made both for fun and to support the comic. I'm always interested in new ideas for DIY things I could add to the store!

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