24 September 2012


Finally out in the sun again! I won't be sorry not to have to shade the insides of that thing anymore, grumble. Well, well, looks like there's only a few pages to go for this volume...

Sketch page:

Webcomic of the Week: Chirault by Varethane

A lovely fantasy webcomic with signature use of brushpen and markers, Chirault is "about this weirdo named Kiran and this tiny kid who sits on his shoulder and tells him to do things. Sort of, anyway. There are also demons and imploding cities and the possibility of the world's imminent demise, in roughly that order of mention." What doesn't transpire from this blurb is how completely loveable the characters are, each with a history that is revealed ever so slowly, and how addictive the story is – a good old string of adventures within the central framework of having to get from one place to the other, in a world rich with mages, hunters and demons. The 600-page archive was an absolute pleasure to devour and now I'm waiting for more.