12 January 2013

V44-46 and END

After this long break due to unexpected life changes, I give you the last 3 pages of volume 5 all at once (with the preceding page again, as a reminder of where we left off.) More discussion below the pages!

So now we know how THAT ended, and that Amer didn't quite tell Malaak the whole story!

Ever since I set the date of the flashback so precisely, I wondered if a history buff would remember it or if someone was going to look it up and call me on it, but that managed to go under the radar for two years. It has been a long time since Lebanon suffered a serious earthquake (1759 and knock on wood!), but it's well-known that the ancient cities were flattened a few times by devastating tremors, and the coastline was hit by tsunamis 14 times over the last 2,500 years. The earthquake and tsunami of 525 B.C. is one of the best-known ones, and destroyed Tyre...
The idea, by the way, took shape while researching for our book Tyre and its History several years back, but the tragedy of the Japan tsunami in 2010 provided visual references I could never have imagined.

With this volume 5 ends, and we have one volume left to go. There will be another long break before I begin posting that, because I'm going to the UK for art courses and it will be difficult to focus on the comic for a while. Also I want to really work on the writing to give this series a worthy ending. The best way to find out when posting resumes is to follow this blog or join the mailing list (leave me a comment for that).

I have also decided not to print single volumes anymore, so I'm afraid this will not be published just yet: I prefer to complete volume 6 and then put out a complete book with all 6 parts of the story. I will, however, publish an ebook with the usual booty of sketches and other bonus material, so people who have been waiting for its completion can enjoy it asap!

Thanks for reading!