22 October 2007

II 4

And here are some interesting tidbits about the making:

In designing the insignia for the Brigade, my priority was to steer clear from any symbol that could seem to hint at something used by an existing militia – can't tell you how fun THAT was, given how many there are. The final design has an eye on a red shield – the eye for watchfulness, the shield for protection. Ironically (and that only occurred to me later), the eye is a popular talisman against "evil spirits"...

I went to the Museum to sketch my backgrounds for this page. For those who don't already know: The National Museum has so much baggage I don't even want to get into it – it was something like the Berlin wall: get too close and you'll die. Militias encamped themselves in it, snipers, the works. I wanted that scene set there to give a glimpse of the inside, to which I have a personal emotional connection. You see, the large items in the collection could not be evacuated when the war broke out. The smaller ones were walled into the basement (the most precious taken to banks abroad), but the sarcophagi, mosaics and the rest were covered in concrete as they stood. They sat out the 15 years of conflict (and the few years of restoration) exactly as pictured above, before being brought back to light.