14 January 2010

III 39-40

And with that there are only 5 pages left. I seem unable to focus on anything else during this final sprint, so they're coming fast. I'm hoping to have the book done soon to launch in March. I wanted to make a sketchbook as a promotional item to go along with it, but I'm not so sure I'll manage that in time. Still it's an idea I'm excited about for the future. It seems many people like the sketches a lot more than they do the finished pages, lol.


Victor Hugo said...

It´s really a feast to read so many Malaak pages at once. Sometimes the abstinence pays off.

Love page 34. It´s very edifying the way she stands all proud. She´s human alright, and not exactly reluctant.
Marvel superheroes claim to be human, but i don´t fear for Spiderman and Cyclops, two heroes not made of "steel".
Malaak has a good shape, but i can sense she´s tangible.

Page 36: I guess no one else could make so clever and seamless use of photographs. Interesting that the text baloons are
also in the dark.

Page 37: One can´t be helped but to be worried about them. This scene almost requires a Ennio Morricone soundtrack!

Page 38: Nice scene in the spiritual world. Malaak´s body language transmit grace and strenght. She´s always on the move. I´d marry her if I was japanese (they can marry printed manga characters you know).

Page 39: Ouch!

Page 40: Good to see Adrian assume his Kurtis Trent role. Tareq´s movements are fluid and desperate too.
His "normalcy" almost steals the scene. Love this page too. (I would only add one or two bullet casings).

Page 41: Oops, the train stops, almost falling off. :P

Joumana said...

Thank you for all this, dear! The bullet casings are an excellent suggestion and I'll do so!
By the way, did you know it's now possible to comment on each page inside the site? :) There's a form at the bottom of each new page.