21 August 2010

IV 12

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Do I need to add a little box that says "550 BC", or can I count on my readers to figure it out? The problem is, though it may help here, where there's a long time between pages, in print it may look silly and annoying to have these reminders every few pages...


Robin Zimmermann said...

It might make it a little clearer - I jumped back a page to see if I'd missed something.

Another technique I've seen used is a stylistic difference (e.g. limited palette), but that has to be established in advance.

Joumana said...

Yay, I love it when readers comment on the blog :) Thanks! I added it in the end, the consensus was for it. There actually is a stylistic difference (these pages are sketched, not inked) but I think it will be more visible in the full-size printing.