07 September 2010

IV 15

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Language notes:
  • Zaroob: Narrow streets or passages
  • Trumba (on the map): Petrol station (from an Italian word)

This page was so easy to color I almost feel guilty. It wasn't a necessary page, originally I hadn't planned it in the script at all, but I really didn't want what comes next to be on the right-hand page. When I post it you'll understand why I want it to be discovered when the page turns ;)

I had fun giving the building façade a worn lool, but I almost forgot the wires, which would have been heresy.
Why all the wires, you may wonder? Simply put, the State doesn't provide enough electricity. Rather than facing 3 to 9 hours of power outage every day, everyone who can afford it subscribes to a private neighborhood generator, and that means wires all over the place to connect to that.

That odd spotted texture is, of course, bullet holes, as you can see in the picture of the building I based myself on:

And here's my sketch of it, before it got cropped and inked into the layout:

The anecdote about the building door having no glass is straight from my childhood. There was no point in locking the gate because you could just step through the (vanished) glass wall.

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this page looks familiar :)
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