22 March 2011


I better get some comments on this page! I've been waiting to drop this bombshell for a couple of volumes!

What makes me awfully pleased with myself is that, as far as Arabic speakers are concerned, this connection was hidden in plain sight from the start, but it was very sneaky of me. Amer (عامر) is a common name, understood to mean "one who has built, established", but it also means "one who resides", and as such is an established word designating a resident jinn, i.e a jinn who lives with people...

(But if you google it you have to spell it "Amir", because I altered the spelling on purpose. Ha.)

Also, you're seeing right, Barko's hair and eyes did darken after the "incident". People might have noticed the resemblance if they'd always been black like Amer's...

And with that, only 7 pages to go 0:)