21 April 2011


I think we left Adrian on his rooftop long enough, eh? Don't be mad at me for the delay, I was putting it to good use: ALL remaining pages are already flatted and shaded, so I only have the last stage of coloring (which is also the most unpleasant) to do.

Beirut's wire jungle finally comes in handy ;)

It won't be obvious unless you compare, but I'm trying a new approach to coloring night scenes, which works rather better. So I have to revise older ones consequently, some are WAY too dark. I have already started revising older pages for final adjustments before printing, and there's a change worth mentioning on page 3: the name Ushumgallu is gone, replaced with Nahash-Shamîm. The former was a general reference to a "great dragon" taken from Mesopotamian mythology at a time where it was the closest I could get to what I wanted. But I invested in rare archaeological books recently and only yesterday emerged triumphantly from one of them with the Phoenician word for the winged serpent I had envisioned, so that took its rightful place. (I intuited there had to be winged serpents in our mythology before I actually found out there were indeed :O I will write about this lost history when the comic's safely off to print).

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