19 October 2011

V10 and interview

Yes we are finally back on track, and you'll be glad to know I'm not going anywhere till mid-January so there's a chance of getting back into a real groove. As you can see, I have already resumed my despicable cliffhanger habit. Has a bri2 ever looked so sinister? (meaning the pitcher)
Here's the sketch page:


In the meanwhile I've done an interesting interview with Joanne Renaud exploring my rolemodels, first attempts at comics, and thoughts on various current things, and I'm up on her site as Artist of the Month. Here's an extract:

What media do you like to work with?
I like to play with media a lot, it’s a bit of a signature, but for consistency reasons I am pretty conservative within Malaak itself. I love the clean inked line, but I also love the texture of watercolor; I enjoy the flat technical feel of vectors (as seen in my Driving in Lebanon strips) but I also like to introduce three-dimensionality via solid objects photographed to look like they’re sitting on the page (used throughout cedarseed.com). It all depends on the subject matter. I work all this in digitally because it makes my life easier, but I prefer the physicality of things – I only ink on paper for instance, not on the screen, because without the feel of the pen sliding on the paper that would become a chore. And whereas in comic I keep a practical approach, bearing in mind future production, in other areas of my work I like to play with paper, gilding, beads and other odd media!
 Read the whole thing here! And don't worry, more from me by Sunday...