23 October 2011


Oh Nryz, you are so evil.
Shockingly enough, this is not fiction. It's not often mentioned, but those who were close to the Lebanese wars are aware of this happening: unidentified parties taking advantage of the openness and simplicity of village people, at the time, to "recruit" fighters. Here's one account I heard: "These men came to the village and befriended us and we ended up having dinner. Next thing I knew, I was sitting behind a machine gun, shooting all night like a devil without feeling scared or tired. I never found out on whose side I was fighting nor whom I was shooting at."
I was also told that many who survived this unimaginable experience suffered the effects of those drugs, such as addiction, for rest of their lives. It would be naive, I think, to believe this practice started or ended in Lebanon.

Regarding the composition, it's quite experimental for me to leave so much empty space, not to mention this central motion, but the moment it came to mind it wouldn't leave anymore...

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