23 July 2012


Nnnnoooooooooo!!!! (I can't give you a moment's relief!)
I had some fun rendering the backgrounds in this page, the textures of the door with subtle light effects, etc... Glad all the small details appear in print, because they're quite wasted on the screen. In case you're wondering, Malaak isn't actually listening at the door, more like trying to feel for Adrian.

Sketch page:

Webcomic of the Week: Between Places by Tiffany Munro (aka Tiana).

In the author's words, "Between Places is a story about places. And the things between them. Specifically, dreamworlds. In this world, dreams become very real places that can be visited at night. Sometimes they are nice... aaaand sometimes they are not."

This webcomic is an enormous undertaking spanning hundreds of pages, full of "the imaginings of humanity". The art style is a painterly approach not often seen in comics, that perfectly evokes a world where dreams and "reality" interpenetrate in increasingly alarming ways. An engrossing read on a topic that never ceases to intrigue. As a foretaste, you can read Tiana's standalone comic Those Who Favor Fire first.