30 July 2012


I should probably share something. The very first time I read anything about comic theory was by stumbling upon two pages in a school library book that analyzed a comic book spread, showing how the panels related together, how the gaze was led across the spread, and how a page always ended in a
natural pause or a cliffhanger. That was when I fell passionately in love with the medium of comics and what I learned from these few notes remained the most impressed in me.
So you can blame that anonymous writer for all the cliffhangers I inflict on my readers! The lesson's been TOO well learned.

Sketch page:

Webcomic of the Week: The War of Winds by KEZ

TWoW is a veteran among comics, being published online since 2004. This means that the difference in art quality between the earlier and later pages is really huge, testimony to KEZ's ceaseless quest for improvement (the current work is of really high quality).
The story is originally a novel and can be read online in either format: prose or webcomic. In the author's words:
"The War of Winds is an epic fantasy/sci-fi story that spans in total, about 3000 years. The current story featured by this site details the end of the war between the Four Winds, hence the title."
We are known as the Four Winds. We were the last creations of the gods, and were made in the futile hope for peace. The Wise One, known as An’soru, shields our world from the devastation of nature. He was the first of us, the South Wind. The West Wind, named by his people as Rahn, preserves life itself in all forms—all death is balanced by birth. He is the youngest, and the most innocent. The East Wind, once known as Kü, was made to defend the souls of the dead from all things seen or unseen. And I, the North Wind, the one called the Tempest, protect whomever and whatever I see fit, sometimes nothing at all.