20 August 2012


The end of Nryz??
This is the last page before I'm off to the UK again for 3 weeks, but I've set things up so that there's no interruption in the update schedule – there will be a new page next Monday as usual! (Yes, I discretely changed the update day from Sunday to Monday. More people online, and Malaak Monday has a nice ring to it.)

Sketch page:

Webcomic of the week: Cetiya by Leah Potyondy

Cetiya is a cyberpunk serial set in a world where magic is technology, with spells downloaded as data into the body and executed using a device known as ADEPT. In the author's words: "Pada, the foremost ADEPT-user in the world, has sacrificed everything—including his own identity—to be the best.  This is the story of how a man with no memories and a woman who just wants to forget defy their powerful parent corporation to take out a top international crime syndicate and correct a mistake that was made three years ago.  It's also the story of four people who live in an underground bunker and torment the living hell out of each other, alleviated only by visits from their merchant emissary to Euskadi and occasional trips to the supermarket.  But it is perhaps foremost a story about how memory, power, love, and trust define the people we are and the people we become."