27 August 2012


Oh crap! This time it's for real!
Just a heads up, I have a fully booked week ahead of me here in London, and though the next page is 80% done, there's a chance I won't manage to complete it before next Monday.

Sketch page:

Webcomic of the week: dream*scar by Heather Meade

First the story, in the author's words: "Set in a post-modern, alternate reality, d*s shows a world where Unhumans, creatures of myth and lore [vampires, werewolves, dragons etc], live openly amongst humans and are therefore known for a fact to exist. It's not something that has been known for many years -- it's new to both humans and unhumans, and so times are slightly chaotic [racism especially rampant]. Amidst all this is a girl named Vix. She knows she is an unhuman, and she knows how they are treated. She is lucky -- she is merely something of an empath. Her powers are rather unnoticeable, so she is able to hide it. But when something goes wrong, and people end up dead, she begins to realize that there's more to her than she can comprehend..."

Now I have to say I have rarely been so gripped by a storyline and art style. Pulling myself away to make it to appointments was nothing short of painful. Maybe it's because characterization is such a large part of the story, and no character in this comic leaves me indifferent. I bloody want to know what's going to happen, and am enjoying all the little moments of the subplots in the meanwhile – moments that tend to be missing from many webcomics.

The art is just beautiful. I find all the manga moments (see 3rd page below) very annoying and faddish, not at all serving the story, but even they couldn't detract from the fact it's a feast for the eyes and I'm very, very jealous of how beautiful and addictive this comic is!